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What it looks like when it's covered in ice!

Here is a glimpse for that it looks like when I ice dye.   The item is tied up with what ever pattern I decide to do, cover it with ice cubes, randomly sprinkle dry dyes on top of the ice cubes and cover until the next day. The ice melts and the dyes combine with the melting ice and drop and merge and go where THEY want to go. I never know how it will turn out for sure. I love not knowing.....   Follow me in Instagram for more photos of my ice dyeing. :) @aspoonfulofcolors

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Yo! #follow me<3

You can follow me on my social media 'spots'.... Instagram - @aspoonfulofcolors Pinterest - Tumblr - Facebook - to name a few :) Also, I sell on... Etsy - Shopify and website (linked) - https://   Many new items being listed daily and more dyeing happening all the time....the colorful creative juices are-a-flowin' :))))  

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I'm addicted to Batik!

I LOOOOOVE batik and the whole process, whether someone uses the traditional technique to the newer sometimes easier techniques, the end results are pretty neat! <3 I have just listed a pair of yoga pants using the batik technique as I have come to use it.

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