Summer’s here! Am I am lovin’ it!

Summer’s here! Am I am lovin’ it!

So many new items being listed and more to come!

Tunics, dresses, shirts, scarves, maxi skirts and more!


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Hi all of my lovely peeps! Anyone wanting to place a custom order, PLEASE email me and I will work with you on what I need to complete a one of a kind piece for you. All custom orders are paid in full at time of order so I can order the product and materials needed. I am just a one woman show and do this part time out of my home. :)

Trina Allen

Hi Jane and anyone else who would like to know why I leave some of my sold items up for people to see…
Thank you for the lovely compliment…
There are many reasons why there are left up, my main reason is, this is how I get most of my custom orders from people who see what I have done and can do. Otherwise, how will they see my portfolio?
Another reason is, I re-use the listings when I can (afford) order another item in that size and dye it with the same pattern (which I do often), this saves me A LOT time time because I will have to start from scratch with creating all new listings, this takes much needed time away from creating new items to list. Finally, and not less important, I post on Pinterest which these posts will be seen for years to come and if they remain up, people can still find me and see what I do have available, which is how I can stay in business. If new customers can not find me, I will not sell anything. Also, every page has a drop down list, if you click on it select NEW TO OLD and it will show you the newer items first, this option is there from the website platform company, not me and I have not figured out how to opt out, sorry.
I hope this helps you understand why I do this things that works best for me. Have a wonderful day.
A Spoonful of Colors

Trina Allen

I love all your stuff. I would really like it if you deleted all the sold items and posted new. I really like the dresses and skirts in the snake prints, and circle tie dye/ ice cube in the purples, yellows, browns, blues, aqua. Please make new. Thank you, you have a wonderful eye for color and design.

JAne rOss

Hi Carla! I will do my best! I have at least one Men’s XXL ready to list tonight…and I will order more SOON! Thank you for loving my art. :)

Trina Allen

Please do more gorgeous ladies and mens 2x and 3x tshirts please…..I would buy every color/pattern……love the 3 shirts I just received…love, love, love them…

Carla Hughes

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