Flour sack Tea towel cotton - Electric Sun shibori
Flour sack Tea towel cotton - Electric Sun shibori

Flour sack Tea towel cotton - Electric Sun shibori

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This fabulous flour sack towel is ice dyed with Procion dyes with a wonderful collection of colors.

Color - Electric Sun ~ Pattern - shibori

Measurements - 27 inches wide x 32 inches long

Material - 100% Cotton

Care Instructions - Machine Wash in COLD water / hang to dry or tumble dry on LOW - do NOT use bleach

*You will receive this exact item. All of my tie dyes are one of a kind, No two are ever alike. Do NOT use Bleach! 

Pre-washed with unscented detergent.

There are endless possible uses for flour sacks towels...here are a few suggested uses...

  1. Dry dishes, wipe counters and do general kitchen clean-up. Save trees by using fewer paper towels.
  2. Cover bread dough and baked goods to keep them warm while rising.
  3. Wrap and cover dinner rolls and breads to keep them warm at the table and contain crumbs.
  4. Spread towels out on the counter to drain produce after rinsing.
  5. Use a towel to gather and carry fresh-cut herbs.
  6. Use as washable napkins
  7. dry off fresh cut herbs after washing
  8. wear as a bandana
  9. form into a pouch to gather eggs from the hen house - if you have one :)
  10. I use them for rolling out pie crusts. I lay one down, sprinkle with flour, place 1/2 the dough ball on it, sprinkle with flour, place second towel on top then roll out with the rolling pin. Take off the top one, fold crust in half with the bottom towel, and take the towel off, place the crust into pie plate and flop one half over so the whole plate is covered. Voila! <3


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