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A Spoonful of Colors

Duster Vest size 3XL - Sea Breeze crinkle

Duster Vest size 3XL - Sea Breeze crinkle

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Lusciously lovely soft and flowing, open front sleeveless cardigan vest that is hand dyed using an ice dyeing technique with a gorgeous ever popular colorway. 

Color - Sea Breeze / pattern - crinkle

Material - 95% rayon 5% Spandex

Size - 3XL 

Measurements - Chest - 48 inches / Waist - 50 inches / Total Length - 33 inches

Care Instructions - Machine Wash in COLD water / Hang to dry

 *You will receive this exact item. All of my tie dyes are one of a kind, No two are ever alike. Pre-washed with unscented detergent.


*Processing time on orders is 2 to 5 business days (m-f) before your order will be shipped.





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