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A Spoonful of Colors

Thigh High socks - Jessamine Blue

Thigh High socks - Jessamine Blue

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Beautifully dyed and ready to keep your legs warm this winter, great for dancers. Sexy thigh-highs in a comfortable, soft cotton blend that are dyed using ice cubes and Fiber Reactive Dyes. Ideal for all seasons, great to layer or show off. 

Material - 89% Cotton / 9% Nylon / 2% Spandex - The outside of the sock is mostly cotton, and the synthetic is almost all on the inside. Soft knit

Measurements - Thigh length (from ankle to the top) - approximate leg length is 26” (66 cm), stretches approximately 19-20" in width at thigh

Size range - women's 6 to 10 (comfortably) I wear a 6 1/2 womens shown in photos :)

Color - Jessamine Blue / pattern - folded 

Size- one size fits most

Care Instructions - Machine Wash in COLD water / hang to dry or tumble dry on LOW

*You may not receive this exact pair shown on pictures. All of my tie dyes are one of a kind, No two are ever alike.

Pre-washed with unscented detergent....and yes! they were washed again AFTER I modeled them :)


*Processing time on orders is 2 to 5 business days (m-f) before your order will be shipped.

Thank you :)*


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